I’ve been very fortunate to work with a number of recruitment businesses over the last 12 months.

It’s a great industry, full of “people-people”.

Yet just about every consultant I’ve spoken to seems to have “fallen into” recruitment, rather than choosing it as a career path.

Why??! That’s such a shame – you guys do amazing things and change peoples lives!!

Like most of you, I’ve been a client and a candidate a number of times in my career, and particularly as a client you start to think that you understand what recruiters do, and how they do it. Perhaps you even start to think you could do it better/cheaper yourself?

Having spent time “behind the curtain” with these businesses, trust me – YOU’RE WRONG!

What I find fascinating though is that it despite the fact recruiters get people into work, give them career choices, improve their prospects, move them on and ultimately provide the first step in improving a persons work (or even their personal) life, the vast majority of recruiters never intended to do it . A look at any university prospectus shows a list of HR related qualifications, from Training, to Learning and Development or Employment Law, but nothing, not a mention of anything recruitment related.

Again, why??

For example, it’s often said that sales is the lifeblood of any business, so surely it stands to rights that the identification, selection and placement of those sales people is even more important – the lifeblood of the lifeblood perhaps?

And yet these guys get such a bad wrap!

I read something recently that said that recruiters are the second least trusted professionals in England, narrowly beating estate agents. Is there really such a negative perception or experience of recruiters, or is this a classic case of one or two bad apples tarring everyone with their brush?

Let’s also be very honest – recruiters have to sell the most difficult and unreliable product in the world…….US!

I’ve been sitting within these businesses when calls come in from clients and candidates alike, with the most bizarre, ridiculous, or frankly unprofessional reasons for a last minute interview, vacancy or even job offer being pulled from under their feet. And the recruiter is left to clear up all of this without a second thought, let alone any kind of fee.

And yet this is nothing new to any of them – that’s the job apparently. I couldn’t do it, that’s for sure.

Could you?

Perhaps that why they all fall into it accidentally. Who could blame them?. But WHAT a shame!

If ever there was an industry in need of a PR job it’s surely this one.

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