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The RedSource has been created to give you the basics of marketing in recruitment in short, interactive workshops. These have been made by our founder, Neil Rudolph, who is an expert in the field. His knowledge has been compact into these handy learning tools so you and your employees can learn how to utilise your marketing to get results.

Not only are these videos informative but easy to follow so you and your team can learn no matter what your level of understanding so far. These videos are yours to keep so you can continually train new staff and refresh on topics whenever you need!

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Get your pocket sized
marketing guide.

RedSource is the marketing guide in your pocket, made to help you spice up your business. With our saucy scale, you can easily identify the use of each video and decide which you need. Whether it’s help creating a branding or building your social presence, these handy downloadable tools are at your disposal with the click of a button.


Who is Neil Rudolph?

With years of experience in the marketing world, Neil is your marketing guru here to help you utilise marketing to benefit your business. Whether you are on your own or with a small team, it is so important to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to creating and promoting a brand. Neil set up Redknows to share his expertise on the marketing industry and has worked with many clients to ensure they have a unique brand and great business culture.

Free marketing jargon glossary.

We know marketing can be a bit confusing sometimes, especially when learning these new things from scratch. So we have created a ‘Marketing Jargon’ glossary to make your learning as easy as possible. Simply view and download the PDF below and you will a marketing whizz in no time!

Download our free Redknows marketing glossary