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When I said I wanted to travel more in 2023, I didn’t expect to spend the first month of the year on and off domestic flights – but I am glad it did.

I’d like to think that I am a very organised person (Something which my colleagues at RedKnows tell me a lot) so, when one of the clients I was leading on wanted a video shoot to showcase their employee stories and bring their Employee Value Proposition to life, I jumped at the opportunity to organise it with precision.

So how do you organise a multi-site shoot, same-day flights and a videography crew?

  1. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail: When I tell you I LOVE a good page to stay organised I mean it. The first thing I did was note down all of the subjects the client wanted us to film and their locations.
  2. Communication is key: The best thing you can do to make your life easier in most situations and especially when planning a shoot is to communicate. I made sure to regularly reach out to the colleagues we would be filming to offer support and ensure they are kept in the loop. Being filmed can be scary but if your subject feels prepared they can arrive on the day, cool, calm and collected.
  3. Always be early: Because of who I am as a person I always try to be punctual, often overly punctual – apologies to Kate for arranging to meet her at Birmingham Airport at 4:30 am. Sorry, Kate! At least we made our flight….at 7 am.
  4. Have a Trace: Trace is our Ops Manager and a lifesaver. From booking flights, and calculating how long we have at each location before our return flight to re-booking last-minute flights. We could not have done this without Trace holding down the fort from RK HQ.
  5. Enjoy it!: Shoots can consist of weeks of planning and be seemingly gone in a flash. I make sure to enjoy visiting new places, speaking to great people and creating amazing content for clients. The opportunity to travel is what I love about marketing.

Are you looking for a shoot to showcase the stories of your colleagues and to bring your EVP to life?

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Written by Lewis

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