Not too long ago, I was a fresh-faced graduate, totally clueless about recruitment and digital marketing. 

Now, fast forward to today, and I find myself working as a Marketing Consultant, helping out some of the best in-house and agency recruiters with their personal branding, social media, and marketing needs.

It’s not every day we take a moment to look back; we’re usually caught up in what’s coming next. But today feels special to me because I’ve spent a whole year at Redknows. So, I thought, why not share some of the things I’ve learned and offer up some tips for navigating the world of marketing? 

Here they are:

Be adaptive

The first thing you’ll notice in marketing is that every client is unique – different industries, services, and recruitment marketing needs. That’s why continuously asking questions and being ready to challenge the norm is incredibly important, especially during the onboarding process. 

By speaking to colleagues, identifying trends, and exploring new solutions, you’ll not only improve the client’s experience but also fuel your own growth.

Build Strong Rapport

Considering you’ll be working closely with clients, sometimes on a day-to-day basis, nurturing those relationships is vital. Pay attention to what they’re saying and what excites them, as that’s where the synergy will take place.

Transparency is key too; don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned from them, and there’s no need to act like a ‘know it all’!

Leverage Your Studies

You might have heard people say that university is a waste of time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! 

The critical thinking skills you developed during your time in uni are priceless. Whether it’s coming up with solutions or crafting compelling presentations for clients, it’s time to put your studies to work.

Final thoughts

Working in recruitment marketing is fast-paced, full of opportunities to learn, and surrounded by like-minded creatives who love getting stuff done.

So, does recruitment marketing sound like a career you’d be interested in?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent, so make sure to get in touch!


Written by Coel

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