Joining a new company can be daunting, stepping out of your comfort zone can be terrifying, but equally exhilarating, exciting, educational and entertaining! 

It became apparent very early on that I would need a marketing glossary, an abbreviation glossary and the urban dictionary to simply understand one single conversation in a room of Gen Z and Millennial Marketers! 

“Lead gens, GA4, Social planning, Social content, Social scheduling, Personal Branding, LinkedIn, Workshops, EVP”…all things I knew very little about until I joined RedKnows. 

My first observation of Marketing – it’s the dark arts, magic, bewildering, clever and as much as you think you might already be an expert, or even think you have a basic understanding… you don’t! The people who really are the experts know so much, they can analyse, extract, create and basically completely change the way you view something! It’s a talent I grow increasingly envious of every single day.

I have managed to utilise my non-marketing skills to support the business and the team. There is so much logistical planning involved, operational support, timeline mapping and process mapping, analysis and improvement to sink my teeth into. 

The team tells me that this has bought immense value and they feel freer to focus on being their brilliant, creative selves. 

One thing which shocked me when I joined a team of Marketers was the diversity in their skills and experience. Many of the team have not graduated with a degree in Marketing specifically but in other subjects which certainly complement their career choice and bring a variety of strengths to the business.

There is always someone to go over your copy with a fine tooth comb, someone to make sure the Oxford comma is present or (controversially) completely omitted! Someone to create a social plan, post, and all of the creative content which goes with it.

Canva is my new best friend, but being an Ops nerd, excel still holds a front-and-centre place in my heart! 

If, like me, you are new to marketing, feel free to connect on LinkedIn and give @redknowsmarketing a follow on TikTok, we have so much fun filming in the office!


Written by Trace

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